Twitter Doubles Silicon Valley Office Space

With the hype around its recent IPO still buzzing in our ears, Twitter has leased an additional 10,000 square feet at its offices at Sunnyvale Business Park, 400 West California Ave, Silicon Valley, more than doubling the 8,000 square feet it occupied before.

Twitter’s Silicon Valley office is tiny compared to its San Francisco Headquarters, which currently occupy an impressive 300,000 square feet. But it’s an interesting statement from Twitter, particularly at a time when many companies are moving away from Silicon Valley to San Francisco – and staying there.

Twitter is also looking to add an additional 320,000 square feet to its San Francisco office, bringing the total there to an eye-opening 620,000.

Google recently purchased 400,000 square feet across six buildings for $235 million in Silicon Valley, and recently unveiled plans for a one-million square feet office to be opened in London in 2016.

(Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal. Twitter HQ image credit: Silicon Valley Business Journal. Twitter nest image: Garrett Heath via Flickr.)