Twitter Shuts Down Summify Five Months After Acquisition

Those still receiving daily Summify emails – which compile the top social posts from Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader – will have to start looking for a new way to curate their social feeds: Summify is shutting its doors on June 22, just five months after being acquired by Twitter.

When Twitter acquired Summify in January, both companies were very clear that Summify would eventually be shut down – now they’ve given us a date.

Twitter’s acquisition of Summify was mostly to bring the Summify team “into the flock” so to speak, and get them working on a new weekly Twitter email digest that launched mid-May. This digest uses the same logic as Summify, in that it highlights the most shared and relevant tweets in your network over the past week, but it obviously only focuses on Twitter content and not Facebook or Google Reader.

In Summify’s email to its users announcing the end date, they vaguely referenced the future work they would be doing at Twitter as the reason for their shutting down:

“We are going to focus our efforts on making Twitter even more engaging and useful for you. While we can’t get into details on what’s to come, we can say that we’re excited and we think you will be too.”

But loyal Summify users won’t be left completely in the dust: Summify has promised to continue to send them daily Twitter email digests – as long as they have a Twitter account – after June 22nd, while regular Twitter folk will only be receiving them once a week.

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