Twitter in Talks to Buy Shots, the Justin Bieber-Backed Selfie App

Twitter in Talks to Buy Shots, the Justin Bieber-Backed Selfie App

Yesterday we reported on a very public snafu from Twitter chief financial officer Anthony Nato, who, while accidentally tweeting out a message that was meant to be private, seemed to indicate that Twitter was looking to buy another company.

“I still think we should buy them,” Noto wrote. “He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 — we will need to sell him. I have a plan.”

Well, it turns out that company might be Shots, a selfie app that counts Canadian pop star Justin Bieber as one of its main investors.

While neither party has confirmed, CNBC reports that Twitter and Shots have held talks.

Shots was founded by John Shahidi last November, and, thanks to very public support (and a $1.1 million investment) from Bieber, quickly took off.

Shahidi wouldn’t comment on the Twitter speculation but did say that the company is “focused on building our product and growing our user base.”

Shots has about three million users, two-thirds of whom are women aged under 24. About two in five of its users are active daily.

“We’re proud of this and now will focus on user growth since the engagement number is where we wanted it,” said Shahidi.

Certainly sounds like a perfect fit for Twitter, whose biggest problem right now is attracting and keeping new users.