Anatomy of a Hollywood Twitter Power User

Los Angeles Magazine contributor Miriam Datskovsky proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice is all over Twitter. From correcting an E! Online news article error to encouraging her 60,000-plus super-fans to go watch Cougar Town, Shonda Rhimes (@shondarhimes) is symptomatic of the way Hollywood TV showrunners are taking full advantage of the micro-blogging service.

In fact, her entreaties on behalf of the Courteney Cox sitcom engaged her via Twitter with that show’s creator-showrunner Bill Lawrence (@VDOOZER). He later returned the favor when 22-year-old UK filmmaker Jamie Rorison (@bonus_mosher) expressed surprise at the Rhimes-Lawrence friendship, suggesting that the latter’s show Scrubs often made fun of the former’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Lawrence immediately defended his honor: “Bonus trying to stir up trouble? Not true, by the by. Two mentions of Grey’s in nine years.” Plus, he noted in another tweet, those two mentions only poked fun at both shows’ “unavoidably similar hospital stories.”

Rorison demurred – he’d been misunderstood. “I love Scrubs,” he tweeted, attaching a link to a photo of a signed Scrubs script that he said he’d “paid a lot for.” Lawrence reassured him in just 95 characters: “No problem, my friend. Thnks for watching. Shonda has been so nice to us that I got protective.”

In the article, Rhimes shares some personal Twitter rules such as never tweet while drunk and read potential tweets out loud before posting. She also relates the hearty laughs she shared with Grey’s star Ellen Pompeo over tabloid reports that the actress has six toes.