How To Turbo-Charge Your Twitter Efforts Using SEO Tactics

It’s growing increasingly obvious to community managers, digital marketers, SEO pros and PR professionals that aligning SEO and social media efforts is essential in maximizing brand exposure.

On the one hand, you need SEO tactics in order to index your content on search engines. On the other, social media’s prolific promotion of that content makes it a focal tool in online marketing efforts.

Solution? Fuse SEO and social media efforts and strategies for the ultimate in traffic and conversion gains.

We’ll walk you through the basics, below.

Think in terms of keywords

It’s not enough to think about what types of content your followers (or the people you want to be your followers) are interested in. You need to think about the specific keywords or keyword phrases those people are searching with.

Consider your own Internet behavior – what do you type into Google when you’re looking for consensus on the best vet in your neighborhood? Do you search for “vets Philadelphia”? “Best Philadelphia vets”? “Best vets in Philly”? “Yelp vets Philly”? Makes a difference.

Fine-tune by cross-checking with SEO keywords

What keywords are the pages you’re linking to in your tweets utilizing? Make sure that the sites you’re sending your Twitter followers to using certain keywords are linked strategically to your SEO practices.

For example, if you wrote a blog post about 8 Ways To Track Twitter Trends, include the phrase “Twitter trends” as either a hashtag or in the body of the tweet that you send to promote the post. Engagement with that tweet on Twitter, thanks to the use of keywords, will assist in boosting that blog post’s page rank.

Capture attention at the crest of the wave

Twitter’s firehose of data means that its millions of users are constantly inundated with 140-character messages taxing their brain with funny video embeds, images, conversations to follow, and links to click on. If you want to be heard, you need to try your best to tweet at the right place and time. Tools like TrendSpottr and Twitstant can clue you into when a topic is trending – that’s your cue to hop on board and get involved.

Measure success using site metrics and Twitter metrics

If you really want to leverage social media’s and SEO’s tactics for each other’s benefit, you obviously need to measure the activity surrounding your efforts. It’s great to see people re-tweeting, favoriting or clicking on the links in your tweets – but you ultimately want to see those people following up by taking meaningful action on your site (a.k.a “converting”). Free analytics services abound that can help you monitor Twitter and site activity.

These few steps are just the beginning. Measuring the influence of social media on search is only going to become more critical during 2013, and beyond.

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