Twitter Announces Improved Advertising Tools For Small Businesses

Twitter’s self service advertising platform, which gives small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) access to Twitter’s Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets and analytics tools, continues to roll out to companies across the U.S.

This week Twitter has announced new targeting options for marketers, who have also been granted access to Twitter’s updated Ads Center.

Advertisers using Twitter’s self service platform can now target users with the same interests as followers of a given @username (for example, @GolfChannel).

They can also choose from over 350 interest categories – in this example, golf, but also pretty much everything else from Automotive, Business and Events to Gaming, Life Stages and Travel. Ads can also be targeted by device (i.e., desktop and/or mobile).

Self service Twitter advertisers now also have access to the updated Twitter Ads Center.

Currently, Twitter’s self service ad platform remains essentially invite-only, but businesses with a monthly digital advertising budget of $5,000 or less can apply for access here.

(Source: Twitter Advertising Blog.)