Twitter Sees Record Traffic After Unknown Welsh Footballer Sues Following Super-Injunction Leak

Pop quiz: who’s cleaning up on the back of the super-injunction farce?

(a) Unknown Welsh professional football who plays for Manchester United
(b) Lawyers, or
(c) Twitter

Well, okay, the lawyers are always cleaning up, but the real winner in all of this super-injunction malarkey seems to be Twitter itself.

New figures from Experian Hitwise suggest that Saturday was Twitter’s biggest ever day in the United Kingdom, with traffic up some 22% on the previous day. This follows enormous mainstream media coverage of Ryan Gigg’s an unnamed footballer’s attempt to sue Twitter to obtain the identity of those who breached his gagging order.

Saturday’s traffic represented some 0.54% of all UK internet visits – millions and millions of users – and broke the previous record set on May 9, the day after the juicy details of various celebrity super-injunctions were first leaked to Twitter.

Hitwise says that 12% of all visits to Twitter last week were from brand new users. I guess the real question for Twitter is: will they convert?

One imagines Mr Giggs “CTB” might be asking the same thing of his legal team, especially now that he, and all this business, have been openly named in parliament.

(Source: BBC.)