Twitter Sees 155 Million Tweets Per Day [Stats]

In honor of a stellar Q1, the Twitter PR account has tweeted some pretty cool stats showing just how much growth Twitter has seen in recent months. And the coolest stat? There are now 155 million tweets being sent out into the ether every single day.

@twitterglobalpr tweeted five messages last night showing off some impressive growth during the first quarter of 2011.

The company has seen a 41% increase in the tweets per day, bringing it up to a whopping 155 million. This is up from just last month when Twitter announced, on its 5th anniversary, that it was seeing 140 million tweets per day.

The PR team also tweeted that Twitter saw a 52% increase in monthly new account signups from December to March. This probably explains the 460,000 new accounts per day that Twitter announced earlier, again to mark its 5th anniversary.

And the fastest-growing mobile device running Twitter? According to its Q1 numbers, it’s Android by a mile with a 104% increase in Twitter app users. Following Android is the iPad with a 72% increase, then the iPhone with a 55% increase, followed by Blackberry with 51% increase.

These stats show strong growth across multiple fronts: how active users are, the number of new users, and how pervasive Twitter is on mobile. And despite recent stats from Business Insider which indicate that Twitter has less than 21 million active users, these numbers are encouraging for a company looking to focus on monetization this year.