Twitter Seeks To Connect Media Companies with Developers

Twitter has become a media platform unto itself. People looking for breaking news are just as likely to see it first through their Twitter feed as they are through a mainstream news outlet.
In fact, media companies have been aggressively figuring out how to best utilize Twitter in their day-to-day practices. The Huffington Post has created “Twitter Editions” of its pages, while CNN and ABC News regularly feature tweets on-air.
Likewise, hundreds of websites have widgets that provide a stream of relevant tweets to readers, and television networks like E! and MTV have run tweets from viewers on crawls below their programming.
Now Twitter is planning to take a more hands-on role, connecting interested media companies with developers so that they can incorporate Twitter into their online and on-air products.
The company is creating a new section on its media site featuring a directory of companies that have created unique or interesting tools, as well as case studies about how other media outlets have used them.

Twitter already does outreach to media companies via a blog and–of course–a Twitter feed, but the new directory is meant to actually connect developers that have built interesting products with companies (including but not limited to television networks and online news and information outlets) looking for specific ways to incorporate Twitter into what they do.
It is also sending a message to developers and technology companies that there is a growing market just waiting to be taken advantage of.
The new Twitter directory is available here.