Twitter Search Is Overloaded

Twitter Search is overloaded. Search Engine Land performed a search for tweets containing “happy new year,” with the date restricted to Jan. 1, and found a grand total of zero.

According to Search Engine Land, there is also a bug on the microblogging service’s advanced search page, as a search for tweets containing “happy new year” since Monday only uncovered four of them, while more than 1,500 showed up Thursday alone after the date restriction was lifted.

Fear not, though: According to Search Engine Land, all of the old tweets are there, but Twitter Search is just having trouble locating them.

Twitter director of search Doug Cook told Search Engine Land:

In response to your reader’s question, we weren’t growing our search index as fast as the tweet volume was increasing, so it started to represent a decreasing amount of time. In the last couple of days, we increased our index size somewhat, so the amount of time will go back up, but there’s going to be a natural “yo yo” effect as the tweet volume increases in advance of our next index size “jump.” As you might guess, we’re working on making this far, far better.

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