Twitter Saw Record Number Of Visitors In July

Judging from the latest batch of comScore traffic number, Twitter has reached its point of critical mass. July saw record traffic for the company, as more unique monthly US visitors used Twitter this month than ever before in its five years of being online. saw a healthy 32.8 million unique visitors in July, up from 30.6 million in June and 29 million in May. This steady growth shows that Twitter has entered mainstream consciousness, and more new users are signing up each month.

Twitter is currently the 34th most-popular website in the US. It is behind sites like WordPress, Fox Interactive Media, New York Times Digital, eBay and Facebook, but ahead of sites like LinkedIn (only by about 200,000 visits though), WebMD Health, NBC Universal and IGN Entertainment.

Twitter has overtaken LinkedIn for the first time since mid-2010, and MySpace has fallen to just about the same number of visitors as Twitter, down from well over 50 million a year ago.

Twitter’s growth is coming at a time when the company is changing gears: rolling out a new interface for all users, launching its own photo uploading service, and unveiling its official URL shortener.

All of the new products from Twitter are clearly designed to attract (and keep) new users, making it easier to do things that third-party Twitter apps used to do from within And it seems to be working, if you look at the steady growth in traffic numbers Twitter has been enjoying lately.

Hat tip: TechCrunch

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