Twitter Saw Biggest Traffic Day Ever In UK Yesterday

Yesterday marked the biggest surge in traffic from the UK that Twitter has ever seen. And it wasn’t because of some global issue, political news or even the royal wedding – no, it was because of the super injunction scandal.

For those who haven’t heard the news, a Twitter account has been tweeting the names of certain UK celebrities who have taken out a super injunction against the press reporting on aspects of their lives. We covered the details of this Twitter account and the offending tweets here, if you want more information.

And while the tweets naming celebrity super injunctions took off like wildfire, no one would have predicted this: they caused Twitter to have its biggest traffic day in history in the UK.

According to Hitwise’s Robin Goad, Twitter had its highest ever peak traffic day in the UK on May 9th 2011:

“Visits to Twitter increased by 14% on 9 May, accounting for 0.49% of total Internet visits that day. Twitter also became the 17th most popular website in the UK yesterday, up from the rank of 19th on 8 May 2011.”

And while the chart below does show Twitter’s steady rise in terms of traffic from the UK, you can see that yesterday’s spike was far and above the average for the past two months. The only other spike that comes close appeared to have come at the beginning of May, and I assume it was due to the death of Osama Bin Laden.

In related news, we reported this morning that the super injunction Twitter account might have been suspended or halted from tweeting, as it hasn’t released anything since its initial blast yesterday.