Twitter Rumored To Be Considering Its Own TV, Print Marketing Campaign

Twitter has quite a large base of loyal power-users who have managed the finer points of expressing complex thought in 140 characters or less. However, the company has a tough time attracting, and more importantly retaining, new users.

Rumors have it they’re trying to combat this trend by partnering with former Apple VP Allison Johnson and creating an advertising campaign that would see Twitter splashed across your TV screen.

Several sources, including AdAge, are reporting that Johnson, the former VP of global marketing communications at Apple, has launched her own marketing agency with two other high-profile partners, and Twitter will likely be one of their first clients.

Although the agency is as-yet officially unnamed, AdAge found a description of “West Studios” and its services, which is reproduced below:

“West is a new kind of brand marketing and creative consultancy born out of the free-thinking, entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley, with a desire to build the next generation of world-leading consumer brands. West partners with pre-IPO companies by operating as an embedded marketing team, working closely with company leaders and internal teams to align business and brand strategies; design and execute brand identities and brand architectures; build and recruit world-class marketing functions; position and launch new products and services; execute full-scale marketing, communications, and advertising campaigns; establish marketing partnerships; and scale brands and marketing programs globally — all with the goal of creating differentiated, sustainable value as these companies prepare to make their debut on a world stage.”

The agency is funded in part by Twitter’s co-founder and chairman Jack Dorsey.

If Twitter was seriously considering an advertising campaign, this would be new ground for social media – relying on traditional advertising to market its services to consumers. Rumors have it that everything from TV to print is in consideration.

It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Twitter did attempt to truly break into the mainstream by advertising on a variety of mediums. Although it is a popular network, it doesn’t have nearly the numbers that Facebook boasts, and the steep learning curve for most new sign-ups means consumers need to be educated in order to stick around.

(Top image: ponsulak kunsub via Shutterstock)