Twitter Isn’t Killing Spammers, It’s Reforming Them – But Will They Re-offend?

As we told you three weeks ago, the result of Twitter’s court battle with one “spammer,” TweetAdder, had a pretty positive result. TweetAdder has been reformed! Halleluhiah!

Twitter’s new API leaves chance for little else, of course – beyond complete destruction, so this isn’t really a surprise. But it IS something to pay attention to, because maybe Twitter isn’t as mean as it would have us believe. And if IT can give spammers a chance at redemption, can’t we all?

All Things D shares Twitter’s side of things (shared via spokesperson in a statement):

“Twitter is committed to aggressively protecting its users from spam, and we use all tools at our disposal to shut down spammers, including through the legal action filed last year.”

“We are pleased with today’s settlement; we’ve succeeded in getting the TweetAdder defendants to respect our Terms of Service — now and in the future. The stipulated order filed today protects our users and should serve as an example to other parties that try to use the Twitter platform for spam.”

It may sound hard-ass at first, particularly the “should serve as an example” part – BUT they succeeded in getting TweetAdder “to respect our Terms of Service” going forward. They didn’t crush the spammer, they reformed it.

Should other spammers expect the same fate? Well if we look at the other spammers Twitter went after last year, we see that  TweetBuddy is now dead, but it looks like TweetAttacks will be making a comeback with a compliant product just like TweetAdder.

Now we need to wait and see how long they last (reformed spammers will likely reoffend) – and if other spammers tweak their products to remain in the Twitterverse.

(Image from Shutterstock)