Twitter Helps D.C. Zoo Workers Track Down Missing Red Panda

After a red panda went missing from the D.C. National Zoo on Monday, Twitter played a crucial role in locating the animal in a Washington neighborhood later that day.

Read on to learn how.

D.C. resident Ashley Foughty sent the following two tweets at 1:30 and 1:35 p.m. on Monday:

Animal keepers were immediately able to track down the red panda, named Rusty, in a tree in Foughty’s Adams Morgan neighborhood.

Senior curator Brandie Smith said animal keepers surrounded the area where he was found and called Rusty’s name to calm him before capturing him in a net. She also mentioned that the team was surprised by the distance he was able to cover.

The panda, which is really more of a raccoon – and not a member of the bear family, was taken to the zoo’s animal hospital for a checkup and will remain there for several days.

Foughty, who works in performing arts, might have gotten her lucky break from the experience. Check out a few of the tweets that resulted from her heroic rescue aid:

(Image via @AshleyFoughty)