California Tech Recruiters Aren’t Really Using Social Networks To Recruit [STUDY]

According to a study released today by Bullhorn Reach, U.S. recruiters are among the most active recruiters in the world using social media to source talent.

LinkedIn has the most jobs posted to it, obviously, but Twitter isn’t too far behind. And Facebook falls flat. That all makes sense, if you stop to think about it.

But what doesn’t make sense is what the folks at Bullhorn found out when they compared recruiters’ activity by region in the U.S. And this was not a small sample. They analyzed the social networking activity of more than 75,000 recruiters.

In the section where the report ranks the social recruiting activity across regions, the Northeast is the most active region and the Midwest is the least active. Okay, no biggee there.

But then it gets weird.

Here are the top ten industries for posting jobs on social networks. Technology is #7. Guess they’re still posting fliers at the library for most open tech slots?

And then everything goes sideways. The top ten states posting jobs to social networks is below. Any states you’d expect to be there missing? Like, I don’t know, CALIFORNIA? The home of Silicon Valley, Twitter, Facebook, countless other tech startups and the Google Monster?

But don’t worry, the land of tech and honey can be found on this list. As #22.

WHAT are you doing, California recruiters? How on Earth are you sourcing your tech candidates . . . or are they all referrals from other brogrammers? Don’t worry, we won’t go there again.

“While LinkedIn continues to hold its position as the most widely used social network for recruiting, the fact that a majority of jobs are posted to at least two channels reinforces the notion that social networking should never be overlooked in any candidate’s job search,” said Art Papas, president and CEO of Bullhorn.

And it shouldn’t be overlooked by recruiters either. I don’t want to call y’all lazy or anything, tech recruiters, but that ‘to do’ list needs some revision – at the least. Lazy.

Does this study shock you? Tell us about it.

(Businessman asleep at desk image from Shutterstock)