Will Twitter Host The Next Reality Show Series?

Ready for another reality t.v. show?

It looks like Twitter is gearing up to jump into the TMI (too much information) fray and share a reality series via video-embedded tweets.

THIS is something to watch for! How else will you know when to quit Twitter before your eyes catch fire from viewing such pure awfulness?

According to Adweek, this is not just a rumor, this is going to happen – it’s just a matter of when:

The San Francisco-based company, along with multiple Hollywood producers and network execs, are in serious talks about the possibility of launching several original video series via Twitter, according to sources. One project in particular could debut this year, potentially as early as the fall, said sources with knowledge of the discussions. Twitter, they said, has been actively pitching a select group of advertisers on a video series that would live on Twitter and enable users to participate in real time in some fashion.

But what would a Twitter reality show look like? You’re worried that it might be a little tacky? Oh, it will go WAY beyond tacky if AdWeek’s sources are right and the show really plans to fashion itself after MTV reality shows The Real World and The Hills. Guess that tells you a bit about how Twitter views its target audience, hmm?

And we’re likely looking at a stand-alone microsite like #Nascar to share the videos.

Why would they do this? AdWeek has that answer too:

With the potential series, Twitter is aiming to get big-budget advertisers on board, with sponsorship deals possibly running around $4 million. Brand involvement would include product integration as well as Promoted Tweet-type content that would run within the feed.

And an interactive, real-time viewer participation element would take brands WAY beyond the hashtag chats that advertisers are so keen on sharing via t.v.

So the real question is – will social platforms eventually replace television and is Twitter just the first of many to make this move?

(Man shielding eyes image from Shutterstock)