Twitter Reacts to the Oscars: Boring Host, Overlooked Nominees, and Free Oscars for ALL From Oprah

Well folks The 83rd Annual Academy Awards have come and gone. And Twitter had it covered! Of course, every blog site on earth will tell you that Melissa Leo dropped an F Bomb. Colin Firth won best actor for his role as King George VI – but did not stutter during his acceptance speech. Natalie Portman danced her way to snagging the Best Actress Award. And James Franco seemed, ‘tired’. We took to Twitter to see what the Twittersphere is saying about the ceremony.

Many people Tweeted that the Oscars were boring.  ‘Billy Crystal’ was a trending topic hours after the ceremony as people tweeted their desire to have him as a host instead of this year’s duo, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.   Check out what one (of many) tweeters had to say:

The always-hilarious Onion has one of the top Tweets with this cute joke:

And hours after the ceremony, ‘Kirk Douglas’ trends, as viewers admired his adorable/irreverent/awesome presence.  Check out these kind words from a tweeter who isn’t bashing him for his age:

Here are 10 more Tweets that pretty much sum up the whole Oscar experience:

10.  Corey Haim fans upset

Corey Haim was not recognized on the montage of film actors who have, unfortunately, passed away this year.  The Twittersphere is paying respects in its own way.  And his name is a trending topic at the moment.

9.  What the…?

We had to include this one because it represents a lot of the Oscar talk on Twitter.  People seem to forget that it is an award ceremony that recognizes great achievements in film.  It’s not the Teen Choice Awards.  Why on earth would Katy Perry be there?

8.  Missing The Past

A nice throwback to Bob Hope’s opening bit gave tweeters a taste of a classic Oscar host.

7.  Ain’t It The Truth

Some saw it as deadpan humor – others saw it as a lack of enthusiasm.  But Jame’s Franco’s chill attitude pulled the critics out, like mad.

6.  Classic Oprah Joke

Pretty much everyone tweeted a similar joke when Oprah presented.  But you gotta love the hilarious collective consciousness of the human race.

5.  Top Tweet – Inside Joke

This was one of 3 top Tweets that may only be funny to those who listen to the music of ‘Nine Inch Nails’.  After vocalist, Trent Reznor, won an Oscar, this was ReTweeted enough times to put it in the top spot.  And for those who don’t get it, listen to the song ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails.

4.  What Were We Expecting?

Sooooo many people tweeted these words.  But then I got thinking: how can you say, ‘the Oscars were bad’? It’s an awards ceremony. If they managed to successfully give out awards, then it was a success.  Right?  That’s like saying this year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony sucked because Bruno Mars didn’t perform.

3.  Pineapple Express

I hope that his cute grandma (who made an appearance at the start of the ceremony) is proud of him, at least.

2.  Social Network Got Cheated

No matter what, there are going to be people who are unhappy with the winners.  But I think that we can all agree that Ghostbusters is better than every nomination at the Oscars  …ever.

1.  Good Question

Yes.  Yes you are.

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