Twitter Reaction Was Neutral to iPhone 6 Announcement

Twitter users and Apple investors both had a tepid response to the iPhone 6 announcement.

A mere six minutes after Apple unveiled the next generation of iPhones, there were already almost 120,000 tweets about the new devices. According to data from social media monitoring platform Engagor, sentiment was largely neutral when it came to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In the six minutes after the announcement, 67 percent of tweets were neutral, 18 percent were positive and 15 percent were negative. The positive social buzz praised the following features:

  • Screen quality/1080p HD
  • Looks — “beautiful phone”
  • Price
  • Design: Rounded edges
  • Smaller bezels, 5.5 inch display, thinner, more pixels

As for the negative sentiment, social pontificators disliked the following:

  • Battery life: larger screen will drive down battery life
  • Size: too big and too thin
  • Design: starting to look like an Android phone

The bulk of the tweets came from the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Mexico and France. Men were much more likely to be tweeting about the event than women, with 71 percent of tweets coming from male Twitter users. The social sentiment echoed investor sentiment, which was: Meh.