Twitter Quietly Rolls out “Connections” Feature, Gets Rid of “You Both Follow”

If you navigate to a profile page today, you won’t see the usual “You Both Follow” list of accounts that both you and that profile both follow – instead, you’ll notice a more prominent “Connections” box. This displays the users who you both follow, as well as the users who follow both of you.

The new “Connections” feature is more robust than the previous “You Both Follow” feature. It shows accounts that you share in common with that particular user, both those who follow you and who you follow. This gives you a better picture of where that users’ interests lie, and who is interested in them.

To see the new “Connections” feature, simply visit a user’s profile. The box appearing directly beneath their stats (number of tweets, following, followers, and listed) is the “Connections” area.

This new feature includes more information than its previous incarnation, and should allow you to make more informed decisions when following or not following accounts. You’ll be able to see which users you have in common, and you can use this information to judge whether you think an account is valuable to you.

Twitter is constantly making small updates to its user interface to ensure that the process of finding and following users is as easy as possible. What other features would you like to see changed or added to