Twitter Quietly Added Support for Two-Factor Authentication Apps

Users can now use third-party authenticator apps to protect their accounts

Twitter quietly released support for third-party two-factor authentication applications, Android Police reports. A Twitter developer told Android Police this feature has been live since “late last year or early this year.”

This feature allows Twitter users to use third-party apps, such as Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator, to protect their accounts. To turn this feature on, users can go to the Settings menu on Twitter’s website, go to Account, and look for “Login verification” under the Security heading.

Twitter already offered its own two-factor authentication feature, and new users will need to activate this system before being allowed to set up a third-party authenticator app. Specifically, once Twitter’s system is activated, users can click the button reading “Setup a code generator app” to activate the third-party app of their choice.

Image courtesy of maxkabakov/iStock.