Beware The Twitter Question Mark Bug!

You don’t really need to fear this bug, as far as we know – but you’ll notice it sooner or later. We just thought you should know so you wouldn’t be alarmed . . . so we’re telling you about it via an alarming headline.

What is this bug already?

Go to and type that question – or any question really and see for yourself if you’re so impatient! Or read more here to find out.

Nick Cicero alerted us to this “question mark bug” a little while ago (thank you, sir) when he posted about it on his blog.

Here’s what happens:

  1. Go to and create a tweet – it can be a reply or just a new tweet to someone.
  2. Be sure to ask a question (the question mark is kind of the point here)
  3. Once you hit click “?” the following help menu appears:


What is this? I do not want keyboard shortcuts! I want to ask a question!

So it looks like you can’t ask a question on Twitter today if you’re using to access the platform. At least, you can’t until this bug is fixed.

But you CAN send questions from HootSuite (just another reason to love it. It doesn’t try to stop you from asking questions on Twitter):


But if you’re not using HootSuite or another third party app to access the platform, it looks like you’ll have to start rephrasing things as statements. Fun!

Did you notice this was happening? And will adapting to statements-only be difficult?

(Question mark image from Shutterstock)