Viewing Twitter “Quadrants” Star Trek Style

Are you a developer who has had it up to here with Twitter’s new API restrictions? Or an online strategist trying to make sense of it all? Well, we have a bit of comic relief for you.

And you don’t even need to be a Star Trek fan to appreciate it (though it helps).

Poking fun at Twitter’s new guidance for developers and resulting API restrictions, the folks at came up with this clever “quadrant” comparison (you can see Twitter’s real quadrant breakdown here):

Why Star Trek? Well, there are quadrants in space, of course! Any good Sci Fi fan knows that!

We’re excerpting some of their descriptions of each quadrant below and will link to the full article at the end:

  • The Alpha Quadrant is home to several core Federation worlds, including Earth (you know, where we live) and is friendly space. “There’s nothing to fear, for the Federation, within the Alpha Quadrant. Similarly, Twitter is saying that companies that create products like social CRM, enterprise clients and do media campaign integration based on the Twitter platform have little to fear. Twitter doesn’t see them as a threat.” They help Twitter extend its “content empire.”
  • The Beta Quadrant “is largely home to civilizations that the Federation has fought with from time-to-time but mostly co-exists with through truces: the Klingons and the Romulans. Twitter puts social analytics programs here.” There’s a potential rivalry there, but Twitter can’t do it all, so it calls a truce.
  • The Delta Quadrant is where the Borg come from. “I felt in terms of Twitter, the Delta Quadrant was most applicable for products aimed at consumers that it still wants to tolerate, such as Klout, which recently redesigned to reposition itself as a sort of social analytics tool for individuals.”
  • The Gamma Quadrant is home to The Dominion, ruled by The Founders, “a race of changelings. They can look like other creatures. After a war with the Dominion, the Federation largely cut off access by mining the wormhole that provided fast access between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants. Twitter is laying its own mines, in the form of tighter requirements of how products like Twitter clients for consumers or Twitter content syndication services can pull data from Twitter.”

That last quadrant, unfortunately, is where many developers now find themselves. Poor changelings.

Check out their full article, with more descriptive narrative, here.

Did this help you understand Twitter’s quadrants? Or did it just make you hate Sci Fi that much more?

(Trekkie hand sign image from Shutterstock)