Jack Dorsey Takes Firmer Hold Of His Twitter As Four Key Players Are Shown The Door

Couple of updates from the world of Twitter personnel – TechCrunch is reporting that four key product mangers have been let go: Kevin Cheng, Josh Elman, Anamitra Banerji and Jean-Paul Cozzatti.

It’s currently unclear if they walked or were fired. All have been with the company since way back.

Twitter isn’t saying much (“some people have left the company and we appreciate their contributions”), but there’s some speculation that they were pushed out by Jack Dorsey, as he looks to tidy up anyone still affiliated with the Evan Williams/Biz Stone/Jason Goldman regime, taking a firmer grip on the house that Jack built.

Interestingly, at the time of writing three of these four still claim to be working at Twitter in their respective Twitter bios.

(And why is Josh Elman’s avatar so small?)

No rush, you might think, but Twitter themselves have moved fast, quickly removing the foursome from its official list of employees, which still totals an impressive 601.

Expect a blog post entitled something like ‘New Beginnings’ from Twitter any time now.

(Hat tip: TechCrunch.)