Twitter VP of Consumer Product Michael Sippey Discusses Vine [VIDEO]

One of the highlights of AllThingsD’s “D: Dive Into Mobile” conference in April was Twitter product head Michael Sippey’s 1-on-1 with Peter Kafka about Vine.

AllThingsD just released the full video of the conversation, and it is definitely worth a watch.

Sippey leads the consumer product management team at Twitter, which includes Twitter’s mobile apps,, TweetDeck and Twitter’s developer platform.

The discussion between Sippey and Kafka starts off with an acknowledgement of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, which occurred the day before Sippey’s session. It moves on from there to the topic of sifting and sorting through the overwhelming amount of content on Twitter.

Then, from about minute 10 on, the talk turns to Vine. Sippey sums up his initial reaction to the product: “They’ve solved this problem [of video on mobile] in a really interesting and compelling way.”

Plug in your headphones – here’s the full video:

(H/t: AllThingsD, image via VentureBeat)