Your Twitter Posts Can Help You Land Or Lose A Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

Searching for a job right now? Hopefully you’re watching what you post on Twitter and Facebook! We’ve said this before, but a reminder is always timely – social media posts can help you land or lose a potential job.

And FYI: You’ll probably never know if it had an affect either way!

Many companies check social media profiles before hiring you – and do you know what they’re looking for?

You probably think posting pics of you throwing back a few cold ones top the “not hiring that clown” list, but they don’t! Recruiters frown on grammar and misspellings more than your leisure time posts (though those still aren’t great).

And if you want to boost your standing in recruiters’ eyes, be sure to add links to any volunteer work or professional organizations you belong to.

Probably the best tip from this Infographic though speaks to full disclosure. You’re much better off providing links to relevant (and appropriate) social media profiles than risking they seek you out (and they will) and find sites you’d rather not share – or worse – sites that aren’t even you! Social media mistaken identity can sink you these days.

Check out the Infographic below for more detail.

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(Choosing employees image from Shutterstock)