Even If Twitter ISN’T Killing Off Posterous, It Certainly Doesn’t Seem To Care About It

You know that Twitter owns Posterous now, yet you continue to blog there because you’re a risk taker or possibly a hardcore platform devotee, or maybe you just really like the name “posterous.”

Regardless of why you stay, you obviously ignored our warnings to move (is the point).

Well, like it or not, you should really listen to us this time and consider moving elsewhere because Posterous doesn’t seem to be high on anyone’s priority list at Twitter right now and that can’t be good.

The Next Web reported over the weekend that Posterous’  SSL certificate had expired – you know, the thing that says “hey, this site is really Posterous and you haven’t been rerouted to some hacker’s site so they can paste your head on to naked bodies.” It happens.

Well, Posterous eventually fixed the issue and everything is hunky dory again, BUT as The Next Web points out (again), “we haven’t heard anything from Posterous regarding the promised backup and export options” to help users move their beloved blogs to places that care about silly things like SSL certificates.

AND “the official blog hasn’t posted anything and the Twitter account has only tweeted in regards to the site’s outages.” Is that in any way NOT indicative of a swan song?

So read up on how to move your precious off of Posterous and then go get your “spaces” on at Medium or some other Twitter-approved bloggish concoction.

(Swan image from Shutterstock)

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