POLL: Twitter Is The Least Popular Tech Brand, After Google, Apple And Facebook

We love Twitter here at AllTwitter. We’d do a pretty poor job of writing about it all day if we didn’t. But it looks like we’re not among the majority when it comes to our obsession with 140 character soundbites – according to a new poll by ABC News and the Washington Post, American’s aren’t so fond of the microblogging network, giving it a thumbs-down when compared to other tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Google.

Americans adore Google and Apple, but when it comes to their more social cousins, there isn’t a whole lot of love going around.

ABC and the Washington Post joined forces to ask the public what they think of the big names in tech. 1,007 US adults were polled via cellphone and landline between March 28 and April 1 2012.

A massive 82 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Google, and 53 percent are “strongly” favorable towards the search engine giant that is now turning its sights to social.

Apple comes in second place in the popularity contest, with 74 percent of respondents viewing the company favorably.

The two social-heavy tech companies on the list didn’t fare as well, however. Facebook is viewed favorably by just over half – 58 percent – of respondents, and poor Twitter is liked by just 34 percent.

Americans are also most mixed when it comes to Twitter. While a third enjoy the network, 36 percent view it unfavorably and 34 percent are unsure of what they think.

Part of Americans’ ambivalence towards Twitter might be because of its comparative lack of exposure. Although it has had its fair share of mainstream media attention, Twitter’s exposure pales in comparison to Google, Apple and Facebook.

Twitter is also a bit more difficult to wrap your head around than the other three. Sending 140 character messages is a deceptively simple way to engage with people and information – it is much easier to understand the value of an iPad or sending am email with Gmail.

Are you surprised that so many Americans are still unsure of the value of Twitter? Let us know what you think in the comments.

(Hat tip: The Atlantic; sad keyboard image via Shutterstock)