Twitter Just Introduced a Popular Articles Feature on iOS, Android

Popular Articles is found under the Explore tab in Twitter’s iOS and Android apps

Twitter's Popular Articles feature (iOS)

Twitter confirmed the launch of a Popular Articles feature that it had been testing to all iOS and Android users.

Popular Articles, found under the Explore tab in Twitter’s iOS and Android applications, features stories that are being tweeted about by followed accounts, as well as articles that are popular in users’ locations.

Clicking or tapping on the headlines of those stories opens them within the Twitter app.

A Twitter spokesperson said in an email to Social Pro Daily, “We can confirm that we’ve launched the Popular Articles feature. Previously, we had been testing the feature, but now we’ve rolled it out to everyone on iOS and Android. It includes articles that have been shared or engaged with by your network (the people you follow), as well as articles from around where you are. You might recall that we’ve tested similar ways to bring people the best of news articles being discussed on Twitter in the past, with a news tab experiment in 2015.”

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