Twitter Picks Patrick Stewart, King of the Internet, to Ring Its IPO Bell

Patrick Stewart pretty much rules everything right now. When our favorite Starship Captain isn’t winning Halloween with his lobster-in-a-bathtub costume, he’s telling everyone about how much he enjoyed his first-ever slice of pizza or power walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Gandalf to promote their new theater thing.

So it made perfect sense for Twitter to pick Sir Stewart, along with a couple of other social celebs, to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning for its IPO just in case you weren’t paying attention:

Here’s how NYSE’s PR described the participants:

  • Vivienne Harr | @vivienneharr  – the coolest 9-year-old we’ve ever met and the girl behind Make-a-stand (@makeastandinc)
  • Cheryl Fiandaca | @bostonpolice @CherylFiandaca – Bureau Chief, Public Information – Boston Police Department (AKA: the hero that kept Beantown informed in real-time on the marathon shooting)
  • Patrick Stewart | @sirpatstew –  as if you don’t know : ]
  • Scott Cutler, EVP and Head of Global Markets, NYSE Euronext | @cutlerscott

They also hyped @NYSEcam, a “combination Twittercam with a digital guest book”:

  • Visitors to the NYSE accompanied by our internal events staff can take “selfies” (or pictures of themselves) from anywhere on the trading floor, autograph the images with a fingertip, and tweet the images out to the world in seconds

So…that event was pretty cool. Now let us never mention it again.