Goodbye TwitPic, Yfrog? Twitter Becomes #1 Photo Hosting Service

Twitter announced that it would offer an official image hosting and uploading service in August of this year, and it looks like it’s taken a chunk of out the third-parties that used to be the leaders in the space since then.

Twitter has become the number one photo sharing service on the network, with 36.1 percent of all shares coming from its official service.

TwitPic and Yfrog used to be the top dogs in Twitter photo sharing, but new stats from photo search engine Skylines suggests that they’re going to go the way of the dinosaurs unless they make big changes.

Since its launch in August, the official Twitter photo uploader has grown to take the lion’s share of photos shared on Twitter. Its 36.1 percent trumps TwitPic’s 30.3 percent and Yfrog’s 21.1 percent. Five months ago, before Twitter launched its service, TwitPic enjoyed 45.7 percent of the market share and Yfrog was sitting pretty with 29.3 percent.

And Twitter’s success as a photo service is beyond its web-based offerings. The biggest contributor to Twitter’s meteoric rise has been its Twitter for iPhone client, which accounts for 42 percent of the photos shared by its service and 21 percent of all photos shared on Twitter.

And considering that it launched just about a month ago, Apple’s iOS5 is a growing contender in the Twitter photo sharing space, accounting for 5 percent of all photos uploaded to Twitter – making it the 7th largest Twitter photo client.

The findings from Skylines aren’t all ominous for the third-party photo services, however: TwitPic is still the most popular service to share photos on Android devices, and Yfrog is the most popular on Blackberries.

(Hat tip, charts: TechCrunch; Top image courtesy of carlo dapino via Shutterstock)