Facebook Envy? Twitter Tried To Buy Photo App After Facebook Acquired Instagram

Shortly after Facebook acquired Instagram for a hefty $1 billion, Twitter entered into talks to acquire Tap Tap Tap, the maker of mobile photo app Camera+, according to reports from Bloomberg.

Two people close to the negotiations confirm that Twitter execs had several meetings with Tap Tap Tap in recent weeks.

Tap Tap Tap is the maker of mobile photo app Camera+, and iPhone app that allows users to customize their photo-taking and sharing experience. Photos can be altered using filters, similar to Instagram, but Camera+ also gives users more control over their focus and exposure, offers a 6x digital zoom and several other features.

Bloomberg reports that the talks between Twitter and Tap Tap Tap broke down when Tap Tap Tap made it clear that its employees – 10 of whom are based in San Francisco but 20 of whom are in Spain, Austria and other countries – were reluctant to relocate to Twitter’s office.

Many people were wondering why Twitter didn’t acquire Instagram instead of Facebook when the deal went down, as the photo app seemed like a perfect fit for Twitter. Twitter co-founder and executive chairman Jack Dorsey was also a big investor in Instagram – but whatever negotiations may have occurred between Twitter and Instagram, the little-photo-app-that-could went to Facebook.

And Twitter didn’t seem to pleased at that outcome: as Bloomberg points out, two hours before Facebook announced the Instagram deal, Dorsey tweeted an Instagram photo of a San Francisco bus. Two days after that he tweeted a Camera+ photo and has yet to go back to Instagram.

So despite Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announcing publicly that Facebook’s acquisition would not provoke Twitter to seek out its own photo app acquisition, it looks like the company would have liked to own its own specialty photo app, to make tweeting pictures just as attractive as posting grainy, dated Instagram-filtered photos to users’ timelines.

(Camera phone image via Shutterstock)