New From Twitter: People You May Know

Are you a fan of the Find Friends feature on

Personally, and much like many of Twitter’s recommendations, I’ve always found this service a little inconsistent. But Twitter knows that for their platform to grow users need to be able to easily find friends, family members and colleagues on the network, and to assist in this they’ve launched a new email service: People You May Know.

Arriving weekly, People You May Know will highlight a “handful” of people that you can choose to follow (or ignore).

Suggestions are based on signals like who your friends follow and the contact information imported by people you know. For example, if several people you know follow someone, you may also know them and want to follow them too. There’s no telling who you might find on Twitter, so open this weekly message for an ongoing source of great accounts to follow.

If this seems familiar, it’s probably because Facebook has been doing it forever… with equally inconsistent results.

Is this something you think you’ll find useful? Hit the comments to let us know. In the meantime, if you want to unsubscribe from these emails, simply edit your notification settings on

(Source: Twitter blog.)