Twitter’s Patent Agreement | Hulu’s Ad Guarantee | Tumblr to Beat Blogs

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Twitter Promotes Patent Peace with Innovator’s Agreement (paidContent)
In a first among major tech companies, Twitter is taking steps to ensure that its patents don’t become fuel for future intellectual property wars. Twitter Blog It is a commitment from Twitter to our employees that patents can only be used for defensive purposes. We will not use the patents from employees’ inventions in offensive litigation without their permission. parislemon Hopefully other startups large and small will follow Twitter’s lead here. It would be really excellent if larger companies (*cough* Yahoo *cough*) did as well, but it’s hard to see that happening given the current state of things. This is a movement that will have to start from the ground up. AllTwitter Those “in the know” when it comes to patent law seem to approve. VentureBeat The Innovator’s Patent Agreement will take effect later this year; you can read the whole thing on GitHub.

Hulu’s New Guarantee: Someone Watched Your (Whole) Ad (Ad Age)
Advertisers are generally charged when a beacon is fired as an ad begins playing. But Hulu is moving that notification to the end, meaning that an ad that isn’t completed won’t count. Hulu Blog This is for advertising sold by Hulu’s advertising team and will apply to both Hulu and Hulu Plus. GigaOM The completion rates for Hulu ads are already 96 percent, well ahead of the industry norm, so it’s not going to mean too much of a loss in volume.

Tumblr Gets a Data Firehose (AllThingsD)
Tumblr today released access to a real-time firehose of updates through a partnership with data provider Gnip. The feed will include all of Tumblr’s public data and is intended to help with brand monitoring, analytics and other projects. The Verge This is just the latest social network-provided data that Gnip is organizing and selling to businesses — the company was the first to partner with Twitter and give companies access to a firehose and a 30-day backlog of tweets. Gnip Blog You often see posts that are shared tens of thousands of times. For brands, every conversation matters and access to the full firehose ensures they won’t miss a thing. We’re excited to be able to offer Tumblr to our customers and can’t wait to see what other intriguing use cases they find for this data.

Take the ‘No Cry’ Challenge on YouTube (The Daily Dot)
The challenge runs its viewers through an emotional gamut of everything from Disney Pixar’s Up to a Thai life insurance commercial to comedian Andy Griffith’s tragic account of losing his daughter to cancer. The challenge received a lot of attention Monday after a comment on Reddit linked to the challenge and received over 1,000 upvotes.

‘Tumblr’ to Overtake ‘Blog’ in Google Searches
Just as Kleenex became a stand-in for “tissue” years ago, is “Tumblr” on its way to replacing “blog”? Google search results show that may be the case. By the end of 2012, there will be more people searching “Tumblr” than “blog,” according to Google’s data. The Next Web The business world has been largely unsure of how to cater for Tumblr — which is shareable and fast-paced as Twitter but populated with more inspiring text and rich images — and this is likely to be a wake-up call for them.

New ‘Listen’ Button On Facebook Musician Pages Instantly Plays Their Songs In Your Favorite Streaming App (TechCrunch)
Now with just a single click of an immediately visible button, visitors to Facebook Pages can sample a musician’s sound and decide if they want to “Like” them. The button will help artists get more people to fall in love with their recorded music, and while streaming royalties are small, it could inspire people to buy high margin t-shirts and concert tickets.