Twitter Partners with Apple’s Social Music Network, Ping

Twitter has announced a partnership with Apple’s social music network Ping. This deal allows Ping users to link up with their Twitter account, and activity on Ping will be shared with their Twitter followers. While we haven’t tested this out yet, it looks like a move in the right direction for Ping.

Announced yesterday on the Twitter Blog, this is the first major social network that Ping has been able to interact with since its unveiling in September. And as the Wall Street Journal points out, this is a big social step for a network that was criticized as being “just not that social.”

Users who link up their Twitter on Ping will be able to Tweet whenever they Post, Like, Review and choose to tell their followers that they’ve purchased a song.

On, clicking on the link in a Ping Tweet will include a link to the iTunes downloadable music, and song or album details with a free preview in the sidebar.

After receiving so much criticism in September when it launched, Ping has finally made a move towards being a truly social network. And since so many people share music recommendations on Twitter as it is, this might prove to be a very successful partnership for both services.