Twitter Distinguishes Itself From Other Platforms Through Parody

If you sign on to Facebook or Google+, you’ll find very little patience on either platform for rogue accounts. They want you to be you and that’s it. Not so on Twitter, were hilarity (thanks to anonymity) rules the day.

On Google+ and Facebook, one really needs to be careful about posts. It’s easy to slip into the “private posting” mentality where one believes they can say whatever they want because they’ve restricted their posting audience to some set group. But as we all know by now, if you’re using your real name and you tick someone off, you’re toast.

Troll accounts are common on Facebook and eventually deleted, so there can’t be much long-term consistency there, which can be disheartening or just not worth the effort for serial jokesters. Google+ takes a more serious approach and suspends not only your account but the corresponding email address and that can really put a damper on your day.

And this is probably why Twitter appears to have become the online parody capital – so much so that if they should figure out a way to monetize it all of their “how can we make money” worries could disappear overnight. Seriously.

There was the short-lived television series, Shit My Dad Says, which was created and discovered on Twitter. There’s this list of sports parody accounts compiled by Mashable. And TIME’s 140 best Twitter accounts of 2012 has 27 listed in the Humor category. Not too shabby.

Beyond that, there are new accounts cropping up every day. A quick search on Listorious reveals 35 pages of parody accounts. Who needs t.v. anyway?

What are your favorite parody accounts?

(Man with funny mask photo from Shutterstock)

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