Twitter’s New “Yours To Discover” Slogan Is Already In Use… By A Canadian Province

It looks like Twitter’s “Yours To Discover” slogan, newly minted to match its redesign last week, isn’t as original as the company thought.

Canada’s largest province, Ontario, has been using that slogan since the early 80s to attract tourists and make a name for itself.

In 1981, Ontario adopted “Yours To Discover” as its slogan, while it focused on increasing tourism and attracting visitors from the US. Since then, the slogan has made its way onto every license plate in the province, and has become synonymous with warm summer days in cottage country, and hiking trails through red and orange tinted fall forests.

But now Twitter is taking that slogan for itself, as it rebrands to encourage people to use its service for information curation and discovering new and unique stories, articles, photos, videos and more.

Canadian newspapers and online publications have been all over this story since Twitter’s new redesign.

The Toronto Star, for instance, notes that Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty weighed in (on Twitter, of course) on the new Twitter slogan on launch day: “Twitter launches ‘Yours to Discover’ campaign. I like it — where have I seen that before…”

The Star also spoke to a spokesperson from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in Ontario, who said that the government was “flattered” by the new Twitter slogan, but would not speak to whether the province would take legal action against the company.

It’s unlikely that Twitter knew about Ontario’s slogan before going ahead with its own, but you never know. If Ontario did seek legal action against Twitter, claiming ownership over the slogan, it would be interesting to see how it all played out in the courts.

Still, for the time being, it looks like the two can coexist peacefully, both offering to be the place for discovery in their respective realms.

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