Twitter Eyes $1 Billion In Ad Revenue By 2014 [REPORT]

Twitter is expected to report at least $1 billion in advertising sales in 2014, reports Bloomberg, citing “two people with knowledge of the matter”.

This would suggest that the micro-blogging platform is growing twice as fast as has been suggested by other studies.

Back in January, eMarketer projected Twitter’s 2014 ad revenue at $540 million on top of 2011 earnings of $139.5 million, and a predicted $259.9 million for this year. Currently, 90 percent of Twitter’s ad earnings come from the U.S. This is expected to fall to 83 percent by 2014, but it seems unlikely that the growth in international markets could be enough to double Twitter’s earnings estimates.

Still, analysts are bullish on the platform’s future.

“The marketers who have used Twitter’s advertising opportunities have been pleased,” said Forrester Research analyst Nate Elliott. “Twitter’s going to be able to push forward and continue to make more money from it.”

Perhaps. But twice as well in the same period of time? It took Google five years to cross the $1 billion earnings barrier, and Facebook took six. Founded in 2006, Twitter will be eight years old in 2014, so it’s certainly doable, if totally speculative at this stage. At the very least, one would expect the 2012 earnings to be considerably above eMarketer’s projected $259.9 million for Twitter to have any hope of reaching $1 billion in the next two years.

Twitter, of course, have declined to comment. Unless and until they do, best to take all of this with a very hefty pinch.

(Source: Bloomberg. Modified chart image via Shutterstock.))

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