Twitter, Omnicom Announce $230 Million Mobile Ad Deal

Twitter, Omnicom Announce $230 Million Mobile Ad Deal

Omnicom Media Group has announced a mobile advertising partnership with Twitter that is worth $230 million over the next two years.

Under the arrangement, Omnicom will integrate their ad buying unit Accuen within Twitter’s MoPub, the advertising exchange network that Twitter acquired last September.

“This is the first holding company agreement we’ve done on the mobile ad exchange side,” said Adam Bain, Twitter’s president of global revenue. “It’s great for us because we’ll now have high-quality advertisers coming through the exchange.”

Additionally, the agreement will give Omnicom a “first look” at new advertising units and opportunities that are developed by Twitter, as well as locking in ad rates and access for Omnicom agencies and partners.

“Our agreement with Twitter reflects what we look for in a media partnership – the opportunity to deliver first-to-market benefits that impact all aspects of all Omnicom clients’ digital investments, from content to placement to measurement,” said Omnicom in a statement.

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