Twitter Offers Analytics Dashboard for All

Now everyone can see how far their tweets travel

Twitter rolled out an analytics dashboard to all 271 million active users Wednesday in a move that makes the site increasingly friendly to advertisers, media outposts and public figures.

The new Twitter dashboard lets you know how many people see a tweet and engage with it, numbers The Wall Street Journal speculates will be useful to journalists, celebrities and politicians who want to know if their messages are actually reaching their target audiences. Twitter’s dashboard also features demographic information about users who engage with tweets.

In July, Twitter launched its analytics dashboard to advertisers, highlighting the number of tweets, retweets and clicks on embedded media. Pinterest also has released a free stats dashboard to advertisers. It takes the extra step of showing how paid pins perform versus organic ones, and how effective the “pin it” button is on a company’s website.

Facebook offers its followers Page Post Insights, which include the number of people who “liked,” commented on or shared a post.

However, it remains unclear how many users will benefit from analytics. An estimated 44 percent of Twitter accounts (almost a billion of them globally) have never sent a tweet.