Twitter Is Offering Influencers a New Way to Make Money on the Platform

Adding preroll ads 'as simple as checking a box'

Headshot of Marty Swant

Twitter wants to help social media celebrities make more money on their 140-characters tweets.

Today, the company announced it's expanding its creator revenue program to help influencers on the platform monetize content in more ways and on a bigger scale. Through the Amplify Push Program, U.S. creators will be able to opt in to running preroll ads in front of content and in return, receive a share of the ad revenue. It's an extension of the program Twitter opened to publishers last fall.

The program is nonexclusive and allows preroll ads on a per-tweet basis or as a part of a plan for all videos. The features are a way for creators to go beyond the Twitter-owned Niche network, which connects more than 35,000 creators with brands interested in tapping into social media talent.

In a blog post describing the new feature, Twitter product manager Guy Snir wrote that the process will be "as simple as 'checking a box.'" Influencers will be able to upload, manage and publish media across desktop and mobile devices.

Revenue for ads will be split on a 70-30 basis, with creators receiving 70 percent and Twitter receiving the other 30 percent. The agreement is the same as what Twitter offers other publishers and higher than the 45 percent YouTube gives its creators. Only creators approved by Twitter will be able to make money through the program.

The company also announced changes to its Media Studio. Upgrades include adding a media library for videos, GIFs and images, along with new tweet scheduling and planning features, and team management support.

@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.