Twitter Now Supported in Friend Connect, Facebook Connect Support Coming Soon

Today is one of those days when many of the TechMeme headlines are by people in the news trying to clarify the news.

Earlier today, Google announced that it had implemented the Twitter API inside Friend Connect, allowing users to connect to Twitter through Friend Connect gadgets on any site that has added them. As a result, some tech journalists have cast the move as a major political play by Twitter in the chess game between Facebook, Google, MySpace, and others.

But while there are a lot of angles in this game, this one has been taken a bit out of context. While Google has added Twitter support inside Friend Connect, this is not the same thing as Twitter “choosing” Friend Connect over Facebook, MySpace, or anyone else for identity provision or authentication. Like many others, Twitter is planning on adding Facebook Connect support soon, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them support additional identity providers in the future.

In order to clarify the situation, Twitter CEO Evan Williams said, “For the record: Twitter did not ‘choose Google, not Facebook.’ We’re working with both. We have more to do on the FB side before launch.”

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