Twitter Now Officially The Fastest-Growing Term In Job Listings, And More Job Trends

It’s official: “Twitter” is now the #1 job trend—the fastest-growing term that appears in the millions of job listings searched by

Have we ever mentioned how obsessed we are with Indeed’s trends?

The job board aggregator culls its database for any search term you like ta create a graph showing how demand for that term has trended over time, based on how many job postings contain that word.

“Twitter,” after an 18 month period of nonstop growth, has become the #1 trend.

More trends, including the fall of the publicist, after the jump:

“Journalist” in January of this year:

And now:

“Blogger” in January:

And now:

Blogging gigs seem to have reached a stable equilibrium if you believe this chart.

“Multimedia journalist” in January:

And now:

“Media strategist” in January:

And now:

Still a good choice for journos looking to get out of the biz.

“Publicist” in January:


“Content producer” in January:


And a new term, “analytics,” which is popping up everywhere: