Twitter Now Offers SMS Notifications For RTs, Favorites And Follows

Love hearing your phone go “ding” every time you get a @mention or @reply? If you do, your world is about to become a whole lot more awesome: Twitter has just released a new notification feature that will allow users to get SMS messages for even more activity on the network.

If you’re already receiving SMS or text messages whenever you get a @mention or @reply on Twitter, you’ll no doubt want to add on the new options that Twitter quietly rolled out this week.

You can now receive a text message whenever anyone retweets you, favorites one of your tweets, or when someone new follows you.

These three new SMS features correspond with the “Activity” tab that Twitter rolled out (in conjunction with the “@username” tab) to replace the @mentions and retweets folders.

Within the “Activity” tab, you’ll no doubt have noticed that you can view not only your @mentions, but your tweets that have been retweeted, favorited, and your new followers. The new SMS option lets you choose all, some, or none of these events to be text messaged to your phone.

To set up your SMS notifications on your phone, simply visit your mobile settings page and follow the instructions, or read Twitter’s help page on the subject.

This new feature will no doubt be fun for those new to Twitter. Being able to explain to your date that those seven text messages you received during dinner were actually 2 retweets and 5 new followers will no doubt impress. Just be sure you’ve got an unlimited text messaging package, or you might not feel so cool when you take a look at next month’s bill.

(Image: Vartanov Anatoly via Shutterstock)