Twitter Nixes New ‘Direct Messaging to Non-Followers’ Feature

Last month we asked whether PR should pitch journalists on Twitter with direct messages in response to a new feature that allowed users to DM others who don’t follow them. The question may be a little less relevant today as the service has apparently filed that one under “failed experiments.”

The post itself went up in September, and it doesn’t tell us a whole lot except that Twitter’s standard response to service questions is “talk to the press release.”

We’ve tested various features with small groups of our 200 million users before determining what we’ll release. These tests are essential to delivering the best possible user experience.

…we aren’t necessarily looking to launch all of the experiments we roll out.

DM’ing is still great for PR, of course. We can’t speak for everyone, but we prefer not to have back-and-forth conversations out in the open. It would seem, however, that “DM pitching journalists who have no idea who you are” will not be an option; Ingram says he never received such a pitch anyway.

Next question: how can we convince journalists to follow us?