Buzz Of Twitter’s Top TV Shows Doesn’t Sync With Actual Viewers (And Vice Versa) [STUDY]

Sunday Night Football, The Big Bang Theory and NCIS are amongst the most popular shows on U.S. television, with millions and millions of viewers.

But on Twitter, they hardly warrant a mention. Instead, all the discussion resolves around Breaking Bad, The Voice and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Last year, Twitter partnered with Nielsen to better measure and clarify its growing position as the driving force behind social television, but a new study from Nielsen has revealed that just because a television show is popular on Twitter that doesn’t necessarily translate into huge viewing figures for broadcasters.

The reverse is also true. If you look at this visual of the top 10 television shows of the week of September 23-29, measured in average viewers and Twitter’s unique audience, only The Voice featured in both lists.

Of course, we’d need more than a single week’s data to better analyse these results, but it’s fair to say that what’s trending on Twitter hasn’t always been indicative of what’s popular in the “real world”, and there’s no reason to think that television would be any different. Sometimes these things sync, and sometimes they don’t. But as Twitter looks to leverage its relationship with Nielsen (and TV audiences) as a lynchpin going into its IPO, the value of this connection – and its net worth to advertisers – will be a key discussion point amongst potential investors.

(Source: Wall Street Journal. Twitter TV image via Vulture.)