How Does Twitter Influence New Smartphone Purchases?

Buyers spent an average of 6.8 percent more with mobile wireless carriers after seeing ads on Twitter

One-third of U.S. smartphone owners will purchase new devices in the next year, and Twitter teamed up with Nielsen and Foursquare to figure out the role the social network plays in this process.

The three companies analyzed in-store foot traffic by using Attribution by Foursquare to examine wireless carrier in-store foot traffic for T-Mobile USA, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless, and they found that buyers spent an average of 6.8 percent more with mobile wireless carriers after seeing ads on Twitter.

In addition, offer-based tech and mobile carrier campaigns on Twitter generated an average return on ad spend of $21.84, and Twitter users were three times more likely to switch carriers for better devices than non-Twitter users were.

Promoted campaigns on Twitter generated a 23 percent lift in visits to mobile carrier storefronts, and Twitter users were influenced 2.4 times more than non-users by ads from mobile device manufacturers and mobile carriers.

The study also found that people who are most likely to make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores frequent big-box stores and budget-friendly travel locations, enjoy fast-casual food and like sports.

Twitter research analyst Ryan Kiernan suggested in a blog post that mobile carriers pair their customer data with the social network’s growing slate of livestreamed sports content and in-stream video ads, while leveraging the social network’s targeting abilities.

As for people who prefer to shop online, Twitter, Nielsen and Foursquare found that they are more likely to live in big cities and to frequent cultural destinations (art museums, indie movie theaters) and high-end travel-related locations (airport lounges, rooftop bars, hotel bars). They are also more likely to venture out for sushi, tapas and cocktails.

Kiernan suggested that mobile carriers use handle, keyword and interest targeting and run ads during content such as BuzzFeed’s livestreamed Twitter morning show, Fashion Week (New York, Milan, Paris and London) or Live Nation livestreamed concerts.

Image courtesy of mihailomilovanovic/iStock.

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