Twitter Ramps Up TV Partnerships With New NFL Ad Deal

Twitter and the NFL have just inked an ad deal that will bring NFL video clips, content and multimedia to the network.

Some of the clips NFL fans can expect to see include instant replay footage and in-game highlights.

The partnership was forged through Twitter’s Amplify program, which was launched in May and provides TV broadcasters and advertisers a way to incorporate Twitter’s prominence as TV viewers’ “second screen” into their programming.

As AllThingsD reports, Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s chief operating officer, believes Twitter is the clear choice for a partnership like this:

“Twitter understands the value of incremental consumption and engagement…That means they’re able to do things with people like us that perhaps other people in social media or technology in general are not. It’s not by happenstance that we’re doing this with them.”

Verizon Wireless will be the primary sponsor for the ads that will run alongside the NFL’s in-stream video clips.

This deal comes on the heels of Twitter’s latest ad partnership with TV juggernaut CBS, which will see 42 of the network’s TV shows and many of its web properties incorporate in-stream video clips and ads via Twitter.

These TV-Twitter partnerships have been ramping up since Twitter’s IPO announcement in mid-September. The social network is clearly looking for ways to increase its revenue and prove that it has long-term advertising potential. Plus, as AllThingsD points out, the Amplify program is geared not toward pulling viewers away from TV sets, but rather reinforcing TV programming via social channels.

(Football image via Shutterstock)