Twitter News and Analysis — In An Insttant

InsttantLogo.pngNo, that’s not a typo in the headline. As Jason Kincaid over at TechCrunch reports from TechCrunch50, yet another company has come up with a way to get better Twitter search results:

[A]nyone who has tried using [the] native search engine at has probably found that it leaves a lot to be desired — aside from the day’s ‘top trends’, Twitter does very little to help surface results that are worthwhile. TC50 finalist Insttant may have the answer. The startup has built a new engine for monitoring real-time news, that can also be leveraged to track brands, ad campaigns, and basically everything else that pops up on Twitter.

The site features an analytics platform that can perform semantic analysis on Tweets as they come in — in other words, it can tell what a tweet is talking about, and if it has a positive or negative sentiment. The site can also identify links and media that are rapidly rising in popularity, and displays headlines in real-time as they come in. For Tweets with media, the site allows users to view photos and play videos inline.

Sounds pretty cool, and I’d recommend you try it out, but you need to have a private beta request approved to do so. However, you can see some nifty screen shots on this page, and there’s a video below of 19-year-old Insttant CEO Joe Langevin’s presentation at TC50.