Twitter Employees Get Early Access To New Blogging Platform

Chalk this up to yet another reason to want to work at Twitter: early access to cool new blogging platforms.

Sure, the odds were stacked in their favor with the platform being run by one of Twitter’s co-founders, but still. You know you’re jealous.

Building buzz is obviously something Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone do best. First they created Obvious, the umbrella corporation they founded to “do various things.”

And one of those ‘various things’ was creating a new online publishing platform called Medium – a platform which you may look at a little bit, but not use.  You can register (using Twitter, of course), but will be greeted with the following:

Please note: Medium is in very early beta, so posting content is not available to everyone. Registering tells us you’re interested in being one of the first to know as we open it up. Thanks for your patience.

Unless you work at Twitter, that is.

The Next Web reports that Twitter’s 1,000+ employees have been granted access to Medium. So all one needs is an email address to post to the site. Harumph.

But what’s so different about it anyway?

Well, Medium is a slickly-designed platform that allows users to share content – text, pictures, and so on – which are organized into “collections” that are defined by a theme and a template. Like this collection of crazy stories.

But it seems The Next Web isn’t super impressed. At least not yet:

I’ve been playing with Medium a bit and I’ve found it to be an interesting experiment at the very least. A clean backend and well presented front end make for a nice publishing experience, but I doubt that the mechanics of it are what Williams and co. are hoping to help it stand out. It will be interesting to see what they have planned.

But don’t abandon hope, ye of little faith. It’s in Beta and these are the folks responsible for Twitter and Blogger. This will undoubtedly be great too.

So get yourself registered. Or if you’re already in there, let us know what you think of it.

(Demo image from Shutterstock)